Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iris' 'Garden-inspired' Nursery

We were going for girly, but not over-stated (who knows why, this probably the only time I'd be allowed to have an entirely pink room!) for Iris' nursery.  We also wanted to create a nice space that didn't cost an arm and a leg, as we know that this isn't a permanent space and that she'll be growing out of everything in about 5 minutes!

So, with that in mind, here are some pictures what Iris' first bedroom looks like:
Back in June, this was how it all started, just a room full of stuff that we weren't sure what to do with yet (from the move).

 About a month ago, starting to see some color and baby-ness (we can't paint walls because it's a rental, so bringing in color was a bit harder).

 And the finished product (sorry for the bad lighting, I keep going to work before it's light and coming home when it's dark). 

 The crib!  The beautiful quilt that Mike's Dad and Sharon bought us, along with the green Iris picture on the wall, were the beginning of the entire room.  The quilt is handmade and depicts a little girl picking flowers in the garden-totally gorgeous!  Bedding from The Land of Nod goes perfectly with the lavender in the quilt.  In the crib, we even have a couple of Mike's most favorite stuffed animals, just waiting to be cuddled! 

 The "Love" pillow on the chair was a perfect pick by my Mummy!  On the walls, we have my old bookshelf (still a work in progress), an absolutely awesome banner with Iris' name on it (again, sorry for the poor pictures) and, my personal favorite, a green wooden/metal wall flower holder that we used as part of the diaper station.  It's garden-y and I love it!! 

 Most of her clothes are folded in the hanging organizer, but definitely a plethora of onesie's and other essential items.  The top shelf of the closet is dedicated to diapers-cloth and disposable at this point-lots and lots of them!  Also note my favorite thing ever-the Becco Butterfly carrier-so excited to carry her around in this ALL the time (no slowing us down!!)
 Closer view of Ted and Bear and the pictures on the wall.  Two frames are still to be filled, one with a maternity picture and one with her birth information. 

And last but not least, the new guardian of Iris' room, The Lloyd.  He has NO idea what's about to happen, and still lives blissfully unaware that he's getting demoted to #2 really soon (he won't believe you even if you try to tell him!)! 

So, that's the room.  It's not perfect yet, but we like it so far!  Hopefully we find it functional and not over the top.  I tried so hard to make her room personal and individual, and incorporating all of the wonderful gifts that we have received along the way helped us so much-so thank you all for loving us, and Iris, that much!  Fingers crossed that she likes it!  And that she hurries up so she can see it for herself!  :-)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meghan & Steve's Wedding Weekend!

What a perfect weekend it was!!  Mike, Lloyd & I drove to Hendersonville on Thursday night, to break up the drive (and visit Grandma Peg!) and to make sure that we were in Raleigh on time for the rehearsal on Friday.

I unfortunately missed the Bridesmaid Luncheon, so the rehearsal was up first!  After finding our spots for the big day and running through the basics (everyone knows how it goes, but it still helps to practice), we all headed to The Landmark for a drink before the rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal dinner was at Cafe Luna and we all enjoyed a delicious meal, followed by even more delicious desserts!  It was a great night catching up with friends and meeting Meghan & Steve's family!

Then the big day was finally here!  Lisa and I spent the morning getting ready together and catching up a little (miss my best friends so much!), before we all headed out to Fletcher Park for pre-wedding pictures. 

After pictures, we headed to All Saints Chapel for the ceremony and reception.  Such a cute venue!  We did final touch-up's, enjoyed a little snack and got the Bride ready for the "I do's"! 

The ceremony was beautiful!  Meghan's cousin officiated and did an amazing job conveying Meghan & Steve's love and committment, it was absolutely perfect!  They said 'I do' and it was more pictures and cocktail hour before we knew it.  After the cocktail hour, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner, pies for dessert, and lots & lots of dancing!  Meghan & Steve exited via Raleigh Rickshaw, through a cloud of bubbles and the wonderful day was concluded (officially-all the non-lame-o's went out for drinks after, clearly that didn't include myself or poor Mikey)!  It was a perfect day all around and we're so happy for Meghan & Steve!! 

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Rehnborg!!! We love you!!