Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lloyd 8 Months

If the dog gets this many blogs, just imagine what a baby will be like (super hypothetical future tense, but seriously!)!  Lloyd had an 8 month check-up on Monday, complete with fecal inspection (yuck!) and de-wormer.  Oh, and a puppy pedicure.  We asked that they call it a nail cutting, as he is a boy and he's pretty serious about his masculinity.  He's completely healthy and happy as ever.  He's now 35 lbs., he gained about 1/2 lb in the last month, so we think he's going to stay a small fry.  He's a midget version of the dog we thought we had, but that works out wonderfully for us-there's no way I could be walked walk him and get down the stairs alive if he weighed much more!

We're calling this progress these days!
In other Lloyd news, we're finally getting it together and putting the monster in to training classes.  Let's just say Lloyd and I didn't have the best day off together on Monday, so I picked up paperwork and we're starting classes in February!  Yay for a semi-well-behaved puppy! 

Still in love, no matter what he does!
He owns us!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beer Me....

Office reference, you're missing out if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Last night Mike and I ventured out to a couple of Jacksonville Beach's finest Breweries, also known as the only Breweries in Jacksonville Beach.  It's not a big place, two is really doing quite well. 
First we checked out Engine 15 for some beer and hummus (I was hungry, I get a bit cranky after 6 hours without sustenance, no I wouldn't make it on a desert island).  Mike had a delicious Dopplebock and I had an amazing Tangerie Wheat!  It was FANTASTIC!  The only thing that would have made this beer any better was sitting outside drinking it on a 90 degree day, it is definitely meant to be a heat-induced summer beer (probably at 2p on a Sunday, but that's another story). 
Tangerine Wheat=Delicious!
We tried a couple of other beers and then headed to Slider's in Neptune Beach for some Oysters, Shrimp, and Mahi Taco's!  Also delicious-which was probably the theme of the night.  Next visitors, we're going to Slider's. After that, we stopped by the Green Room Brewery in Jacksonville Beach for another beer, and to watch Tebow lose (enough with the Tebow-mania already!).  We had Green Room beers-they only serve their own beers and a few Florida beers-and enjoyed a fun end to our beer tasting evening!

A few high octane beers later and I can't remember the name, but it was a tasty wheat beer indeed :-)

Clean Ocean Brown Ale for the Handsome Husband!
A great night for The Mahoney's, just hangin' with the locals and drinkin' lots o' beer!  Beer me water today, please! ;-) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January so far...

After an intense 2011, we brough 2012 in the way we are hoping the year will go (unlikely, but still)-happy and calm! We had a wonderful dinner at Aqua Grille, walking distance from our house, that included a delicious salad starter and Triggerfish for our main course!  Really tasty stuff, the waitress compared it to Sea Bass....Mmmmm! 

Happy about the Triggerfish!

So delicious, we both ate it!

We finished the night off with Dick Clarke and a bottle of champagne, and The Lloyd ringing in the new year!  A great start indeed!

Since then, we've been working and getting in to the swing of 2012! Last Saturday we had "tailgating and wing night" at home, whilc watching the Lions Vs. Saints game (we aren't going to talk about the actual game, that won't go well, but hey, at least this is the best season the Lions have had in a long time!), then we had a great Sunday Funday, having a fun lunch out at Mango Mango's in St. Augustine Beach and a nice walk on the beach afterwards.
Wing Night-Mahoney-style!

2012 is going well so far, it looks a lot like 2011 in pictures:
Milton was in the picture when I started taking it, but refused to be part of the shenanigans!
8 month old Lloyd says he's happy about being a grown up in 2012 ;-)