Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lloyd 8 Months

If the dog gets this many blogs, just imagine what a baby will be like (super hypothetical future tense, but seriously!)!  Lloyd had an 8 month check-up on Monday, complete with fecal inspection (yuck!) and de-wormer.  Oh, and a puppy pedicure.  We asked that they call it a nail cutting, as he is a boy and he's pretty serious about his masculinity.  He's completely healthy and happy as ever.  He's now 35 lbs., he gained about 1/2 lb in the last month, so we think he's going to stay a small fry.  He's a midget version of the dog we thought we had, but that works out wonderfully for us-there's no way I could be walked walk him and get down the stairs alive if he weighed much more!

We're calling this progress these days!
In other Lloyd news, we're finally getting it together and putting the monster in to training classes.  Let's just say Lloyd and I didn't have the best day off together on Monday, so I picked up paperwork and we're starting classes in February!  Yay for a semi-well-behaved puppy! 

Still in love, no matter what he does!
He owns us!

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Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

i love you sweet donkey! :o)