Saturday, February 4, 2012


We've done the same thing for basically all of January-worked, eaten food (duh), and stayed close to home, watching movies, basketball, etc.  Nothing too exciting, but nice non-the-less.  Most notable in the last couple of weeks:

Dinner at Dwight's.  It's a tiny little place and Dwight cooks all of the food himself, where you can see him.  No really, he cooks every plate from scratch, including homemade pasta and all.  We had a glass of wine at The Wine Bar first then headed over to Dwight's and enjoyed Crabcakes (Mike had-they are Dwight's specialty) and Quail (I had-it was amazing!!!!), it was all amazing!  I didn't even know a tiny bird could be so delicious! 

Picnic lunch on the beach last Sunday!  It was only 65 degrees (I know, that's warm, but it's been nearly 80 for all of January and February so far), but it was a beautiful day for a picnic and a run around with the Lloyd.  He loves playing on the beach and having the freedom to run around (we went to a part of the beach that was completely empty so he wouldn't try and eat anyone!), it was a really great afternoon-one that makes me really love living so close to the beach and having a lovely little family (cheese, I know)!
Kangaroo Lloyd with his Daddy!

We watched Straw Dogs last night.  Still not sure how I feel about it, but I think it could have been better.  It was pretty good and the ending is, as we'd heard, pretty violent, but overall it was lacking somehow, the story could have been filled out more.  But worth seeing if you're in a "red neck viewing" kind of mood.

That's all I've got for right now, my brain is mushed after the last two weeks of insanity at work.  People just won't stop calling and stopping by, everyone is getting married, having a baby, or planning a reunion, seriously!  I was actually complaining that I have too much business booked and booking, which is ridiculous to complain about as a Sales Manager, but kind of true.  Oh well, I'm sure things will (fingers crossed) level out soon enough (who am I kidding, Valentine's is around the corner and EVEN MORE people will be getting engaged and planning wedding)! 

We're having a date with Sushi or Italian tonight and then spending some QT with that beautiful puppy of ours, and Milton, of course.  :-)  Poor Milt, always gets the short end of the stick! 

Windy ear!

LOVE that beautiful face!!!
February will a bit more exciting, we've got trips planned and 2012 visitors starting to roll in-YAAAAYY!!! 

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