Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Brats, Out Cats

Well, they are.  We all knew this about George already, but I had higher hopes for Milton.  Turns out, Milton also has the "I'm the boss and I do what I want" thing that Prince George has.  Two monsters, one small condo.  Not enough chicken or tuna to go around.

Prior to moving to Ponte Vedra, Mike and I (well, probably just me really, but he listened when I paniced) thought that the "children" might have trouble living together, getting used to each other, not being the only spoiled animal in the house, etc.  We are happily surprised that, for the most part, they have merged quite well.  Don't get me wrong, on a daily basis one of us is yelling at them both to stop fighting, chasing, swatting at the other, but it seems to be well taken and probably well-deserved.  I was quite upset with Milton the first time I saw a scratch on George's cute little face one morning, but no sooner had I called Mike, explained to him why this was NOT ok and made George feel better, then Milton appeared, also with a scratch on his face, and I had to quickly readjust my feelings about their relationship. 

It was also during this time-while I was "vacationing" upon my arrival in Florida-that I had the chance to watch them both on a daily basis.  Now they don't want anyone to know this, but I am almost positive that they were immediately BFF's and that they thank Mike and I on a daily basis for falling in love and getting married (almost).  Don't believe me??  Here's what I found:
They supervise the parking lot together;

They eat dinner together (this might be more of a competition than a bonding moment, but it's still cute);

They nap together.  You have to look carefully, but the lump at the end of the bed is not a pair of pajamas, Milton likes to climb under the covers when he naps, it keeps him warm (we have NO idea how he gets under there, he does this all by himself). 

Yep, the secret's out: our two spoiled brats are best friends that spend all of their days plotting ways to make us annoyed until they can eventually take over the condo completely.  So, for everyone that always asks how the children are doing-they're great!  They are more loved than ever and they know it!

Just for fun, check out the picture of George on drugs on the drive to Florida (it was a prescription given by Dr. Berman, I didn't give them anything I shouldn't have, honestly!)!!

I was actually rubbing his head, not pulling him out of the bag.  This was, just for the record, as far out of the bag as he could come, it was a really weird thing to see in them both!  Just say no to drugs for your pets!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


As newcomers to the area, we are excited to try new things.  So, yesterday we attended the Jacksonville Beach Seafood Festival....and wow is all we have to say!

First, you must know that there was, as promised, A LOT of seafood!  We shared a delcious plate of fried grouper (everything was fried, we didn't have a lot of healthier options, I promise) and contemplated going back for more (calamari, shrimp, crab fritters, crabcakes, mahi, aligator tail!), but opted to do the right thing and leave our arteries alone instead.  We grabbed a couple of Bud Lights (the only beer option available, honestly!) and headed to the vendor tents and live music stage, where we came across our new favorite band, Klob.  Yes, that is a band name, and yes, we got to hear them live.  Like all great bands, they had a following and an edgy sun-hat-wearing keyboardist. 
Please note, if you can see this far, the dude in the lime-green t-shirt on the far side of the stage from us.  He had the best, most white-person noodle I had seen in awhile, which forced Mike and I into a discussion about noodling, hippies, and concerts in was a great converstion.  People really liked this band; we were much more impressed with the band's name and the people watching.  And the beautiful weather that afternoon.  On a side note, I briefly mentioned to Mike my amazement at the number of implants to be found at the Jacksonville Beach Seafood Festival, which I feel compelled to share with you all at the beach is definitely something, wow!

We also had a fantastic Sunday Funday together and are now as ready as ever for another work-week!  Bring on Monday!

P.S. Only 70 days to go!! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Things to Happen...

At the beginning of Mike and I's relationship, after we became friends on Facebook, he found a statement on my profile page that read, "Big things to happen in 2010!". He asked what this was all about and at the time I wasn't sure, I just knew I wanted to remember 2010 and make it count, rather than treading water for another year.  With that being said, 2010 took off at warp speed and here we are now, in March of 2011, just 76 days away from our wedding day!  In light of this increase in life speed, we decided that I should keep track of the exciting, fun, or memorable parts, so we don't forget anything! 

It's now been three+ weeks since we moved in to our beautiful condo in the secluded "Grand Cay Villas" in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and we truly love it!  Truth being told, I was not entirely thrilled with the idea of living in an "Apartment" or "Condo" (I actually asked Mike to define the difference between these two words once, as the word "condo" typically grates on my nerves like George plucking at the furniture), but I had begged to live at the beach and this was absolutely the nicest place we had looked at on our day out to find a home.  Move in day arrived though, and after a long drive from Raleigh with a moving truck, two sedated cats (never doing that again...), and a lot of stuff, we were ready to get in our new home and start our life together.  Mike's friend, Mike, came to help and we had the entire 14' truck unloaded into the condo in about an hour (pretty impressive for two boys and a wimpy girl with the most FULL truck in the history of trucks!).  This is what it looked like:
And this is just the living room, dining room, kitchen.  OMG, where to start.  But we did it and with a little effort, we looked like this by Sunday evening:

Within two days, it looked like we had lived here for months, we love it!  We are having a great time eating dinner on the screened-in porch (it has a fancy name but I can't spell it and refuse to get on board with the Florida lingo just yet), walking to the near-by restaurants and Fresh Market, and last week we discovered that we live about 3ft from the 17th hole of the TPC Sawgrass golf course (this is huge news if you know golf...I don't, but it is big news!)! 

The cats, most importantly, are settling in well and also enjoy the screened-in porch and the open windows lately.  I wouldn't call them friends most days, but they're both still alive, and that's all we were hoping for!  Can't wait to fill you all in on what being a Floridian is all about! :)