Sunday, March 20, 2011


As newcomers to the area, we are excited to try new things.  So, yesterday we attended the Jacksonville Beach Seafood Festival....and wow is all we have to say!

First, you must know that there was, as promised, A LOT of seafood!  We shared a delcious plate of fried grouper (everything was fried, we didn't have a lot of healthier options, I promise) and contemplated going back for more (calamari, shrimp, crab fritters, crabcakes, mahi, aligator tail!), but opted to do the right thing and leave our arteries alone instead.  We grabbed a couple of Bud Lights (the only beer option available, honestly!) and headed to the vendor tents and live music stage, where we came across our new favorite band, Klob.  Yes, that is a band name, and yes, we got to hear them live.  Like all great bands, they had a following and an edgy sun-hat-wearing keyboardist. 
Please note, if you can see this far, the dude in the lime-green t-shirt on the far side of the stage from us.  He had the best, most white-person noodle I had seen in awhile, which forced Mike and I into a discussion about noodling, hippies, and concerts in was a great converstion.  People really liked this band; we were much more impressed with the band's name and the people watching.  And the beautiful weather that afternoon.  On a side note, I briefly mentioned to Mike my amazement at the number of implants to be found at the Jacksonville Beach Seafood Festival, which I feel compelled to share with you all at the beach is definitely something, wow!

We also had a fantastic Sunday Funday together and are now as ready as ever for another work-week!  Bring on Monday!

P.S. Only 70 days to go!! :)

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love the blog. and love you!