Monday, February 27, 2012

February has flown by!

I don't imagine that my day to day thoughts or activities are all that interesting to anyone, but cumulatively there have been a few great highlights from February!

Valentine's was awesome, Mike and I had a lovely dinner the weekend before Valentine's to celebrate and had a fun night in on Valentine's night!  Mike started Valentine's morning with my favorite breakfast, Italian-style, and we car-pooled work, which I think is super cute, even if it means Mike's car was in the shop and I was at work 2 hours early! :)  We came home, cooked dinner, and shared some fun gifts (I asked for Battleship, which I got, love that game!!)!  It was lovely!

Also that weekend, was the 26.2 National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer here in Jacksonville Beach.  I am going to address this at a later date in more detail, but I find it inspiring and motivating to watch people that can start a race at 6:30a in 30 degree weather (possibly the only day in Florida history it was that cold) and willingly run 26.2 miles!  Truly a great feat, and something that I would love to be a part of someday!  This year was not that time, however, so I can came to the beach at 7:00a (still 30 degrees outside) to watch the runners come down the beach for the 7 miles of the race that were on the beach.  It's incredible, people really deserve more than a medal that says that they complete it, especially when 7 miles of beach, wind, and COLD weather are involved!  Needless to say, I was awed and ready for action after watching the marathon, not to mention amazed by how much money is donated/raised with this race in the name of breast cancer-awesome!!

The weekend after "Valentine's" weekend (I'm just going to skip the ridiculous weeks that have been happening in between the weekends, work is madness lately!), Ivy came to visit!!!!!  Mike was out of town at a work conference/party time, so Ivy and I got to spend three days together, chatting about nothing and catching up!  We took a trip to "Catty Shack" in Jacksonville, a sanctuary for big cats and it was amazing!  They were having a "Baby Shower" for 5 new girl cubs: Cutest.Thing.Ever.!  We had a great time with the cats and had some fun meals along the way, checking out Metro Diner (famous from DDD) and my favorite, Salt Life!  It was a great weekend, it was so good to see my friend!! 

After that, we've just been mulling along and had a quiet weekend at home this past weekend.  We went out for beers at the Green Room Brewery with Mike's friend, Bob and his lovely wife, April, it was a really fun night!  Good beers, good company, great live music!!

So a pretty good February, all in all!  I have pictures, but I'm not motivated enough to make that happen, so you'll have to take my word for it that we did fun things!  I will leave you with-my office mate for Monday:

Probably not the best idea, but we had a good time looking at each other all afternoon. :)  Taken with my new Ipad2, courtesy of my lovely Husband who shared his work gift with me!! I'm a lucky girl! :)

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