Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January so far...

After an intense 2011, we brough 2012 in the way we are hoping the year will go (unlikely, but still)-happy and calm! We had a wonderful dinner at Aqua Grille, walking distance from our house, that included a delicious salad starter and Triggerfish for our main course!  Really tasty stuff, the waitress compared it to Sea Bass....Mmmmm! 

Happy about the Triggerfish!

So delicious, we both ate it!

We finished the night off with Dick Clarke and a bottle of champagne, and The Lloyd ringing in the new year!  A great start indeed!

Since then, we've been working and getting in to the swing of 2012! Last Saturday we had "tailgating and wing night" at home, whilc watching the Lions Vs. Saints game (we aren't going to talk about the actual game, that won't go well, but hey, at least this is the best season the Lions have had in a long time!), then we had a great Sunday Funday, having a fun lunch out at Mango Mango's in St. Augustine Beach and a nice walk on the beach afterwards.
Wing Night-Mahoney-style!

2012 is going well so far, it looks a lot like 2011 in pictures:
Milton was in the picture when I started taking it, but refused to be part of the shenanigans!
8 month old Lloyd says he's happy about being a grown up in 2012 ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Love that dress, Abs! :) And, LOVE all of you crazy Mahoneys! xoxo