Thursday, June 14, 2012

The MOVE to Nashville

It's been a busy few weeks but we are settling in here in Nashville!  In the last three weeks, we have moved from FL, found a place to live that meets both of our requirements (not an easy task :-) ), moved in, found a new Dr., interviewed for jobs (me, not Mike obviously).  I even squeezed in a 5 day trip to Raleigh, but that's another story.  All while undertaking the biggest task of getting to grips with country music :-)

The move from Florida was great, we were very happy with how easy the mover's made it and how manageable the drive was, even though we did split it up in to two days. 
The guest room/box room in Ponte Vedra Beach
We found a new home in Brentwood, TN, a good distance between downtown and Mike's new job and are really happy with the neighborhood and the town house that we rented. 
New home!
It has WAY more space than I know what to do with, I keep calling Mike to ask what to do about the extra cabinet space in the kitchen. :-)  Apparently I've lived in tiny spaces for so long now, I don't know what to do with space!  Sidenote: Mike left for two weeks of training the day after our belongings arrived, while I was in Raleigh, so it's been even busier trying to schedule everything around our schedules! 

So, for those of you not planning to visit and check it all out for yourselves:

Living Room:
Empty living room

Looks familiar, right?  We are getting new furniture soon though, yay!!
Foyer to the living room from front door and upstairs

Kitchen/Dining Room:
Kithcn before

Kitchen after

Dining area.  Yes, we wipe the table down before eating, thanks Milton :-)

Master Bedroom/Upstairs:
Not quite finished, but almost there

You sleep here.

Storage until it's the baby's room.  OMG we're going to have a baby room and a baby to go in it, yikes!
We also have a great patio and space for a grill!!  But for now, the best thing I've accomplished is getting a stake set-up for Lloyd so he has 25ft of "freedom" off the patio!  Yes, we chain our dog up, but really he likes it!
Demolishing a stick he found on his 25ft cable :-)
So, so far so good in Nashville.  We like the area, the new Dr., Mike likes his job, I'm waiting to hear if anyone wants to hire me!  Come and visit, there are so many really great things to do here!!! :-)

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Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

Ha! I love the "you sleep here" comment. Cant wait for October. Love you!