Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Enjoying a weekend off with Hubs!

It's true.  I like my Husband.  Also up there is spending time with him, when possible.  With travels and an ever-changing work schedule (Mike's, not mine), we have not had a weekend day off together in quite some time, so this past weekend felt like a super bonus because he came home at a normal time on Friday, had Saturday off and only worked half a day on Sunday! 

So, what did we do with our day off, you ask?!  All kinds of fun things!  We had an afternoon outing to the Nashville Zoo, which was great!  It wasn't quite as amazing as our Jacksonville Zoo experience, but it was beautiful weather and we got to see lots of animals (Mike will be only too happy to share the giraffe porn story with you...I'm a lady, and I just can't write it down here...)!  We did see some cute meercats that I'm now discussing trading Milton for, but that's another story.

After the zoo, we ventured around town for some baby shopping and then went home to hang out with Lloyd before going out to dinner at Brick's Cafe, just down the road from our house.  Dinner was fantastic and we even got to sit outside and the enjoy the fabulous weather again! 

Sunday was filled with cleaning, football and a trip to the dog park with The Lloyd.  You know it's a good weekend when that guy gets a trip out!!  And here we are the in middle of the week already, getting pumped up for this next fun weekend with Mike's parents and friends (we're going to the Titans vs. Lions game!)!!

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