Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday Funday at the Zoo!!

Mike and I LOVE Sunday's!  We try to relax and enjoy our one day off together as best we can, and usually we do a pretty great job of it!  This past Sunday was no exception...we went to the Jacksonville Zoo!!!  Personally, I've only ever been to two zoo's before, so this experience blew me away! 

The Zoo itself was beautiful and the habitits for the animals were really well cared for and maintained.  But whether it was the weather, the day, or just the animal's love of Sunday Funday too, all of the animals were out and about for us to see!  Not only that, but there were babies...lots of babies!!  We saw a baby Bongo, baby Zebra (SUPER CUTE!), baby Giraffe, baby Monkey (I forget what kind of primate specifically), it was fantastic!  I don't know exactly what was happening at the end of February, but they were all born then, and they were all really cute! 

We also got to play with some goats, up close and personal.  They don't smell great but they're fun to pet, avoiding the ones that have muzzles!  We also saw a very handsome lion and lionness, Jaguars, and a lot of really creepy amphibians and reptiles (yuck!) Mike's favorite was the marmoset, which I might have to agree with him on, though I wouldn't mind a Lemur or cuddling with one of the Jaguars!  We love the Jacksonville Zoo, end of story!!  :)

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