Monday, May 16, 2011


Not like Joe's, "Don't wanna be a player"....the actual tournament.  Here in our backyard.  As in, the obnoxious girls that spend all day skate boarding around the complex (when they are done with school...I think) were cheerleading from the neighborhood on the fairway for KJ Choi, Dave Toms, and Graeme McDowell.  Somehow I was doing my job, made friends with one of my bride's, who non-chalantly mentions that she has tickets to offer for The PLAYERS Champion, and before you know it, Mike and I are planning what cocktail...I mean, what hole, we are going to start on.  A little background that I know: TPC, as it is referred to locally, and worldwide I believe, is the largest purse tournament, and one of the most beautiful courses there is.  We're not sure how we ended up here, but we live at the 14th hole basically, just a short drive and putt to the heart of the course (I won't make anymore golf references, clearly I don't know what I'm talking about).  Anyway, we had a wonderful time watching golfers and golf enthusiasts alike enjoying the weekend.  We hat tickets for Saturday only, though due to monsoon-like rain for about three hours, we saw a few hours on Saturday and were invited back with our Saturday tickets for Sunday's events!  Mike was pumped to say the least, two days of golf, no wedding talk (well, a lot less wedding talk than normal), and no cats climbing over his ipad!  We watched lots of golfers on Saturday, but spent more of Sunday following the leaders and were very excited to see KJ Choi take the title after a close run-in with Dave Toms.  We were cheering for the English and Irishman, but alas, Korea took the well-deserved cake this weekend!  Such a great time, accompanied with a great new cocktail (of course), the Sawgrass Splash...we are definitely ready for more golf in the neighborhood!! 
Choi (in blue), Toms (in yellow) and McDowell (hiding in a corner after hitting it in to the water again), on the 14th hole.  By the way, this picture is not allowed and therefore does not exist.  No cameras allowed!

Next year, Mike's going to be playing....woo hoo!! :)

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