Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekend in Asheville, NC!

Yes, last weekend.  I'm slow on the blog front this week.  But, last weekend Mike, Lloyd and I treked west from the beach to Hendersonville and Asheville, NC for a short visit with Mike's Mom and Andrew & Ashley's wedding!! 

We got to Hendersonville really late on Friday (it was a great trip for Lloyd, he slept the entire way), crashed and woke up Saturday to cooler weather and Mike's Mom's banana pancakes-yum!  We had a great morning around the house and out in her garden-Lloyd especially loved his freedom, we couldn't stop him from running laps and playing in the dirt!-and then went out for lunch at our favorite, Hot Dog World, after a nice walk around downtown Hendersonville.  The weather wasn't too hot (love that about the mountains!), so we were able to enjoy more time outside than we've been experiencing, which was great for all of us! 

After a lovely day, we headed into Asheville to get ready for Andrew & Ashley Dugan's wedding!  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, all at this great place called The Venue.  The weather was perfect, the food was delicious (trout, cous cous and grilled vegetables-yummy!), the cake was even better and the company was delightful!  It was great to catch up with Raleigh friends and chat with the newly weds about their night and their honeymoon in Riviera Maya!  Ashley looked ah-ma-zing, of course, and Andrew cleaned up pretty nicely too in his grey suit with sunshine yellow vest!  Ashley even talked Andrew in to a first dance (without the aid of an entire bottle of booze!)-very exciting and lovely to watch!
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Ashley Dugan!!

After the reception, Mike and I wandered around downtown Asheville and went for a drink at Vault.  Such a cute town, we can't wait to go back at Christmas time with our families!

On Sunday, we got up and treated ourselves to brunch at Tupelo Honey before heading back to Hendersonville to rescue Mike's Mom from Lloyd!  We had an amazing brunch, my eggs benedict were delicious and Mike had an amazing concoction of things in a bowl-it was ridiculously good (grits, fried eggs, pinto beans, bacon, and homemade salsa to name a few parts):

Best. Breakfast. Ever!

We finished Sunday in Hendersonville, playing outside and taking Lloyd on a walk to the grocery store for more puppy food (he's so cute that he talked Mike's Mom into giving him more food than we'd planned for, isn't that special of him?!).  He was so pooped from a full day of fun (and keeping Peg up all night the night before while we were gone), that he actually put himself to bed, with his new stuffed animal from Peg:
Exhausted from a day of fun playing outside!

Not a great picture, but we found him like this without any force or argument-which is not always the case.  On Monday, we got up and headed to Greenville, SC for lunch with Mike's cousin Lindsay, and Marc, before heading home.  We had a great weekend, busy but relaxing, and it was so nice to see everyone and spend some time in the mountains! This is how we all felt by the time we got home:

Pictures just don't replicate the loudness of the snores that comes from this creature!
Ready to pass out!  Another wonderful weekend...Lloyd's quite the traveler for 13 weeks, isn't he?! :)

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Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

little lloyd is so cute! and im glad you had a nice "cool" weekend! ;o) best wishes to the dugans!