Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend in Orlando with The Smith's!

Lloyd had his first road trip this weekend as we ventured to Orlando to visit my Uncle Andrew, Auntie Sally, and Cousins Hannah & Matthew!  Mike and I went to Epcot in January (have to love drinking around the world!) and were excited to go back for more Disney action and family time!  We had a great first evening on Saturday with dinner, drinks, and pool time for everyone (including Lloyd!); it was nice to get away and spend some an evening relaxing with family.  Oh, forgot to mention that my beautiful sister, Nichola, and Brian, were there too-bonus!  They visited Mike and I before driving down to Orlando for one night, or should I say that they visited Lloyd before heading to Orlando, which was a nice treat too!

Lloyd after his first swim in the pool!  Just a bit damp-Brian had to wring him out!

Cousins!  Nichola, Hannah & I catching up after dinner.
After a great night's sleep (Lloyd actually slept through the night), we all headed to Typhoon Lagoon bright and early for a day of water park fun!  We went on all of the slides, swam with sharks-the shark reef is a cold, saltwater environment, very cool to see all of the sharks, fish and rays-and nearly drowned a few times in the wave pool!  We all loved the tidal waves, nothing like the fear of drowning or being kicked in the head by a stranger to keep things exciting!  It was a fantastic day, with a fun evening out at Hooters to top it off (yes, we went to Hooters, the family wanted to eat chicken wings, or something...)! 

I LOVE family time and nothing makes me appreciate my wonderful husband more than when he drives a hyper puppy and hyper wife across the state for a weekend of Smith Family Fun!  Now only 8 months to go until we're back in England (for Helen & Jon's Wedding!!!!) and can see everyone again!!  Happy Friday!

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Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

yay for family time in florida! love you!