Monday, October 24, 2011

Life lately....

So it's been awhile.  But we've been busy, just doing life.  We've been cooking lots of yummy food, watching some great films, and attempting to keep Lloyd from destroying furniture (failure there). 

As always, I've been working on cooking and creating "different" meals for us and here are a few of our favorites:

White Fish Curry-delicious, really healthy and pretty quick!

Lamb Burgers stuffed with Goat Cheese (lamb & goat cheese=enough said)!!!

Tomato, Mozzarella & Avocado Salad-all amazing, all delicious!

Other than eating too much, per usual, we've seen a few films that I wanted to share about:

REALLY GREAT: Win-Win with Paul Giamatti.  Smart, funny, and real, it was definitely a big hit for Mike and I.

REALLY BAD: Hesher.  Mike almost lost his queue privelidges after that one-do not see it.

LOVED: Moneyball- Brad Pitt plus a great sports story is always a good time.  We really enjoyed seeing this at the theater, go and watch it!

UNDECIDED: Biutiful.  Totally amazing film, totally sad.  I don't cry at movies, and I cried.  Mostly because losing life to cancer in a short period of time hits home a bit too much this year, but also because the reality of how a lot of people in the world live is really, really devastating.  It was an amazing film, but I'd be slow to sit through it again anytime soon.  Definitely worth watching once though.  Javier Bardem was phenomenal!

Enough with the IMDB updates.  More excitingly lately, Lauren came to visit this past weekend and it was wondferful to have her here with us!  Certainly not a long enough visit, with her later arrival and my work schedule, but it was great to catch up!  Also, she really just came to see Lloyd, which was a successful venture.  Lloyd has asked me multiple times since Lauren's departure if he can come to Charleston with me this coming weekend to see Aunt Lauren again/permanently move in with Aunt Lauren (it hurts, but he's a fickel child and he and Moby could be BFF's!). 

Mike and I have both been busy working lately, what with wedding and football season.  We also managed to fit an afternoon at the circus in, hosted by the Shriner's on UNF's campus.  A couple of weekends ago we also had a great evening out with our friends Alex & Sarah, who are moving to Vegas next week for an exciting new adventure (Great news for them, sad for Mike & I to be losing our friends)!  We had  a fantastic dinner at The Melting Pot (Mike's first time there), there's nothing better than eating & drinking over great conversation for a few hours! 

Such a happy pumpkin!!
Life is lovely and the weather is finally relenting!  We're just watching the donkey grow and eating too much, like always.  Will keep more updates coming from now on!! :)

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