Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vincennes, IN!

Two weekends ago Mike and I ventured to Vincennes, IN to check out Mike's home and visit with Jack and Sharon (Mike's parents).  We did so many wonderful things, I'm actually considering this "small town" thing as a great option for the Mahoney's (maybe...I still have my heart set on living in DC or NYC at some point in this great adventure!).  So, here are a few highlights:
Loving the perfect weather while taking in some history!

We toured the Vincennes Memorial (Ft. Sackville), where George Roger Clarke helped conquer the British in the American Revolution, securing the midwest region.  Vigo (the statue, right), the merchant, was a support to Clarke during the war. 

We also visited the Vincennes Farmer market, which was great, before attending the Vincennes Chili Cook-off. I kid you not, we went to a chili cook-off...and it was amazing!  We got to try 10-12 chili's (there were more but we got full), including a white chicken chili that Mike's dad loved (kind of alfredo-y, but sitll tasty) and a lot of other delicious, inventive, and spicy chili's! 
Chili cook-off

 Part of the chili cook-off also included the Vincennes University Greek Life participating in their famour bathtub races.  Again, not kidding, it was fantastic!  There were three guys pushing behind a girl driving these mobile baths down a "track"/street to see who did it the fastest..totally fun!
Bathtub races

One of our main reasons for visiting Vincennes this particular weekend, however, was to see Jack and Sharon perform in their local theater production.  They work year-round with the Old Town Players to produce some great shows, but this one was special: Sharon wrote the play and Jack directed it!  "Medieval Malarky" was a wonderful show and we had a fabulous time seeing the show with Mike's best friend Jason and his wife Molly (we also had delicious Mexican before going, with yummy Sangria, but that is besides the point!). 

Medieval Malarky

We also managed, at some point in the weekend, to go to a beautiful Vineyard & Winery in Illinois called Lasata, where we tasted some great wines and shared a bottle, sitting outside to enjoy the fantastic fall weather!

Lasata Vineyard & Winery

Vincennes was a beautiful town and it was so great to see where Mike comes from and what he's all about (sort of).  He took me on a tour of the city, which took about 30 minutes :) but we got to see all of his favorite childhood places, schools, and University.  We also got a chance to visit with Sharon's sister and brother-in-law, Suzie & Kieth, and I got to meet Sharon's son, Sean and his lovely girlfriend, Amy.  We were so glad that we got to catch up with everyone, especially Jack and Sharon, it really was a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!  We, of course, wished that Lloyd could have come to visit with us, but he had a great time being over-fed at the boarders all weekend.  I, personally, can't wait to go back and experience even more wonderful things in Vincennes!!
Red Skelton-the famous comedian from Vincennes!

The Basilica of Vincennes

P.S. We saw Contagion while we were in Vincennes...which is a great film, if you like germs, disease and world catastrophy in the near-future.  Just saying. :)

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yay family! i am so glad you had a fun weekend! xo