Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Cake Dome

We were given many lovely wedding gifts, 99% of which we registered for TOGETHER.  I will get to the point of why together is important.  One of those gifts was a beautiful glass cake dome from Crate & Barrell that my Brother-in-law's mother sent us, such a kind and generous gift.  I'll add at this point that Mike was a trooper through the registering process; "we" picked very kitchen-oriented stores and he let me pick many items that he might not have deemed necessary for our survival as a married couple and our kitchen.  NOT included in those items, however, is the cake dome that we registered for TOGETHER during our trip to Crate & Barrell (our first registry and first engaged task together in preparation for the big day!).  All of this to say that when the cake dome arrived, in it's exciting gift wrapped box, with excessive amounts of ribbon, Mike was very confused about 1.) what a cake dome was, and 2.) why there was one sitting in our kitchen.  He though I secretly went and added the ever-so-seductive cake dome when he wasn't around, or worse, went online and changed our registry without consulting him!  I would do a lot of uncool things, but this isn't one of them, I was really excited about doing this TOGETHER!

To overcome his horror that we owned this "thing"-seemingly unnecessary, apparently-Mike declared that there needed to be something in the cake dome weekly to rationalize keeping it in our home.  And thus my task of filling the cake dome began.  I won't lie, there isn't something in the cake dome every week, we would be fat (well for sure I would, Mike has a tape worm so he'd probably still look the same) and it would be quite costly.  But I do try to make something a little special or fun for the Hubs often enough that he doesn't have to nudge me about the cake dome.  Which he does.  When I don't make things often enough.  Ask me about the can of pumpkin sometime, that was a special story :)

Pumpkin jokes aside (are there such things as pumpkin jokes?!), the cake dome has become a staple in our kitchen and a sign of our love in marriage.  Mike is comfortable enough to tell me to get in the kitchen and put something in the cake dome (no, he doesn't say it quite like that, it's usually funny), and I'm in love enough to want to make things for Mike as a treat for being such a fabulous Husband and man-friend.  In case you were wondering, there are currently some extremely average/not great pumpkin cheesecake muffins in the dome.  He's still happy to eat them even though they're sub-par, and I'm glad all the pumpkin is used up...for now.  What a fantastic wedding present!! :)

Spicy pumpkin bars.  Not a great picture, but they were delicious!

Moral of the story: eats lots of sugary treats and give to each other!  Also, don't make pumpkin muffins from the recipe I used, inquire if you're a muffin maker (yes, I just said muffin maker)!

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Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

i personally love the can of pumpkin story... but not as much as i love you! and i cannot WAIT to make pumpkin treats in just a few short weeks!!!!! xo