Friday, April 13, 2012

Big Things to Happen in Nashville!

That's right, after a mere 18 months in beautiful, sunny, palm-tree-y Ponte Vedra Beach/Jacksonville, we are packing up and heading to the Country Music Capital!  After many days/weeks of discussion, Mike accepted a fantastic job offer in Nashville and we're moving next month!!

While sad to leave the beach and the beautiful scenery in general, we're really excited about Nashville and all that this city has to offer!!  At the top of all the really important reasons to move:

1. Trader Joe's-so excited to be reunited with a Trader's!

2. Culture-not exactly the country scene, but all of the other music, food, and fun things there!

3. Tigers and Red Wings-happening in Nashville this year!

4. Proximity to family-only 3 hours from Mike's Dad, 5 from Mike's Mom and a MUCH cheaper flight to Raleigh (or an 8 hour drive), this is great news for our 2012 plans!!

5. Country Music-haha, I kid, I kid.  But seriously, the music scene is supposed to be amazing, Nashville is second only to LA in producing new up-and-comers in music!!! 

Of course, there's all the less exciting reasons to move, like the promotion Mike received, better quality of life (I think 1-5 encompasses that well), pay, etc, but who cares about those things when there's a Trader Joe's really close?!?! 

We're gearing up to be together in Nashville in time for our 1st Wedding Anniversary over Memorial Day Weekend (we'll be apart for a couple of weeks as Mike needs to start work earlier than we're planning on moving), so things are going to be pretty busy once we get back from England at the beginning of May.  Big things are definitely happening in 2012 so far!!! :-)

Visitors, get your bags packed for a really fun new city to see!!


Anonymous said...

Yay Nashville!!! :) So excited for you guys as you embark on this next big adventure!! xoxo -ivy

JCPIII said...

Welcome to the Volunteer State!!
One good thing, like Florida, no state income tax! Bad thing, State sales tax of 9.25%. Lots of Cultural things in and around Vanderbilt. Enjoy Nashville have visted family there all my life, lots of exciting things going on!