Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Training, 2012

Mike, Lloyd, I hit the road early last Sunday to head South to Lakeland, Florida, home of the Detroit Tigers Spring Training stadium, the Joker Marchant Stadium (I don't know why it's named this, I was confused too).  We did this last year also, without the lab, and 2012 proved to be just as much fun as 2011!

We ate Cheesesteaks, Mike drank domestic beer, we ate nachos, it was a great time!  And the Tigers WON!  Sorry, Philly fans, Prince Fielder and Justin Verlander were not going to let it be a losing game!
Joker Marchant Stadium

Speaking of, I had to take a few pictures of the $200.00 million over 10 years player that the Tigers signed for the 2012 season:
Prince Fielder

Also snapped a shot of Verlander, doing his job:
Justin Verlander
And just for good measure, took a few of everyone else too!:
Out field

Really fun day, glad to see the Tigers getting ready for the start of their season next week!
Not a great picture, but a great day! :)

On a somewhat-related note, the Lloyd was not allowed in the hotel we were staying in so we spent 24 hours sneaking the dog in and out of the side doors of the hotel.  Yes, we know better.  Yes, we did it anyway.  Pretty hilarious to be a fly on the wall watching Mike run down the hall with the 50lb dog in his arms and me running ahead to keep watch and let them through the doors.  Thie things we do for that guy, seriously. 
How can you not love that face?!  He's not a huge fan of the back seat, or having his picture taken 22 times in a row :)

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