Saturday, November 19, 2011

Birthday Week!

Yes, I'm 29.  And I still get a birthday week!  It was supposed to be a day, I was quite content with the idea of a day/lack of a day for this birthday, as this year has been huge already and turning 29 just sounds a bit...lame.  But it happened, and it was all great!  I'll save the wordiness for another week, here are just a few ways I'm a really lucky girl!! :)

Mike took us out to a fabulous dinenr on Saturday at Three Forks Restaurant.  When Mike asked me if there was anywhere I would like to go and eat, I simply replied, "I want beef".  So that's what we did!  We got dressed up, had fancy service and an amazing meal, and an even more amazing bottle of wine and, well, BEEF!  Mike had a giant 18oz Bone-in Ribeye that was fantastic and I had a beautiful trio of filets (3 3oz filets with different accompaniments on each one!), plus sides, a delicious salad and a complimentary dessert drink to top it all off!  It was a wonderful night, topped off with a drink at Medure Lounge, around the corner from our house.  The best news of this entire thing:  Lloyd got his first steak bone and he LOVES it.  Loves is still in the present tense because he's still working on it and we aren't allowed to touch it or take it away from him yet, we might lose a finger.

This is the face of not willing to share!
On my actual birthday, we had bagels at work for breakfast, I attended a fancy luncheon for Catering professionals, and then Mike and I had a fun Mexican meal at our near-by Mexican restaurant (yes, everything revolves around eating-this is not new news!).  To top off the birthday, Mike gave me a very special present: He had a new pearl put in to my Nana's ring (I was wearing it every day even with the old pearl that had lost it's color and sheen), and had the setting cleaned and polished!  It looks absolultey beautiful and I'm so happy that he had it fixed! :)

Love it!!

I've been receiving cards all week from friends and family, I'm so lucky to have such lovely people in my life!  Thank you all!!  Especially my lovely husband, you're the best!! :-*


Healthy Branscoms said...

Happy Birthday! :)I love your blog! I hope you don't mind that I became a follower! :) Erin

Abbie said...

Thanks, Erin! :)