Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wedding Fever (not ours this time!!)

I don't know if it's our age or what, but everyone is getting married or engaged (eye roll, yes we're conformists...and we like it!)!  And having babies (my Facebook exploded with the cutest infants this week, November birthdays are amazingly popular!)...but that is another story for another time!  Two people that I love very much are currently planning weddings and it's so exciting to be part of their excitement as they approach the BIG DAY!

My cousin, Helen, is getting married on April 28th, 2012 to the mostly lovely man to put up with our family (minus Mike and Brian), Jon!  They are getting married at St. Wilfrid's Church, our family church, and having their reception at a beautiful hotel that over looks a soccer field!  They even get to go down to the pitch (read: field) to take pictures, how cool is that?!  I was also asked to be a Bridesmaid, which is just the greatest thing ever-I love being a Bridesmaid (yes, I really do and I really did just say that!), it's really exciting and special to be allowed to be with a Bride as she gets ready for the ceremony and to help with anything that needs to be done that day in preparation.  Mike and I are already really excited about going back to England again to celebrate, we know their wedding is going to be fantastic and are so happy for Helen & Jon, and their future together!! 
This picture is going to be reversed is less than 6 months!!  Helen helping with the dress at the church (she was mortified and wanted to kill me for this, but she looked so beautiful in her pretty dress! :) )
In even more recent news, our lovely friends Meghan & Steve got engaged!!  We are planning an engagement party for them as we speak and I'm so excited I could burst!  Meghan & Steve are the cutest and I'm very proud of the fact that I was Meghan's date the night she and Stevie met (nothing to do with me, I was actually in the way, but still!)!  They are going to have the most wonderful wedding, once Meghan narrows down her 400 venue options ;), and hopefully I can be of assistance along the way, as needed.  My specialities in life are Orders of Events and tiny details, it's a gift, what can I say?!
Cute cute cute!  Stevie ruled the dance floor this night!

LOTS, and I mean lots, of people roll their eyes about weddings, Brides, and the whole "over the top-ness" of it all.  Not this girl!  It's a special time for any couple that decides to take on the sanctity of marriage, and should be treated as such.  No matter how a couple decides to declare their committment to each other, it's all about that declaration, first and foremost, not the centerpieces, cake or color of napkins.  And it's so exciting and wonderful!!!!  Yay!!  On a somewhat related note, have  you seen my husband's dance moves?!?!  You want that guy at your wedding, he's half the party all by himself!! :) 

P.S. Random tidbit about England: You aren't allowed to bring drinks on the dance floor.  This, obviously, make complete sense but the Mahoney's and I were amazed to learn this!  You're welcome for the useless piece of information that you'll probably never need again :)

I can't help it, I love him and we loved our perfect day!


Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

it is a good thing to have a mike mahoney at your wedding :o)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have you and Mike at our wedding :-) so excited love you xxxxx

Helen Bryant said...

That was from me oops lol xx