Friday, November 11, 2011

The Football Game Weekend!

Lloyd and I journeyed the 480 miles each way to Raleigh & back this past weekend to visit with Family & Friends, and for the most important Football (American) game of the season: NC STATE vs. UNC!!!

After a smelly start at 5:50a (this needs another blog, our puppy has the worst smelling insides ever!), we arrived in Raleigh just after lunch, to a cold and rainy day.  We had lunch, then Daddy and I basically circled Wake County, running errands around town.  We even made a stop-in at the Marriott RTP to visit the UNC-lovers, which was fantastic, as I haven't seen most of them since leaving in February :(  I was especially glad to catch up with my work BFF, Megan, and hear about her mission work in Mexico; she does more wonderful things in a given week than most of us do all year, in case you wanted motivation to be a better person! :)
Anyway, after dropping Lloyd off with the Aunt & Uncle (thanks to Nic Nic & Brian for babysitting the monster all weekend-it's cute for about 5 minutes and that's where it stops!), Daddy and I went to meet Mummy for shopping at Trader Joe's.  I stocked up on the essentials: a case of wine, frozen seafood (we live in FLORIDA, what is wrong with me??), and cheese.  We had a nice night at home, relaxing and went to bed early to get ready for the next day.

NC STATE WON THE GAME.....AGAIN!  That's really all that you need to know, but it's fairly important so I thought caps would help.  We had a great morning tailgating in the freezing cold (bloody mary's & beer DO help, fyi) and I had a fantastic time watching the game with Lauren!  And, of course, we won!  Five years in a row we have been projected to lose...when will those dirty sheep learn?! :)  For the foodies that read this, I made this great "Breakfast Braid" thing with ham, eggs & crescent rolls, pretty tasty if you ever need a breakfast recipe to feed an army!
Excited about the win!!!

Taking names....

Trying to control the masses after the game!

Saturday night I had the chance to see my loves Lisa, Meghan, Natalie and Suelee and we had a great time catching up!  I miss my friends more than I realize most days (Mike and I are lucky enough to like hanging out with each other, which really helps the time fly by!), so it's always fabuolus to see them all! 
Sunday was a beautiful day, so Mummy, Daddy and I decided to take the Donkey for a walk around the lake.  We won't complain about the weather, but Mike and I are definitely not seeing the leaves change this year, so it was amazing to see all the trees in the beautiful colors!  Obviously taken for granted in past years, they stood out a lot this weekend!  And Lloyd really liked eating the leaves and acorns, most importantly! 

Mummy and I had a nice afternoon shopping (love the new work clothes!) and then went home to get ready for Nichola & Brian coming over for dinner.  We had a fantastic day and evening, so much so that Lloyd put himself to bed-in his crate-around 10:00p, he'd had enough.  That was proof enough for all of us that we'd had a fun day!

It was a really nice weekend at home with everyone and I'm glad we made the trek up I-95!  Lloyd told me on the way home that he can't wait to visit Raleigh/move there permanently one day! ;)  (Mike is going to kill me for that!). 

Love to you all, can't wait to come back for Meghan & Steve' engagement party in a month!! :)
Oh, and GO PACK!!

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