Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feeding for One & a Half

Mike and I had our first child birthing class on Tuesday.  It was not nearly as "scary" as we expected and we're both happy that our teacher is fantastic and we think we're actually going to learn something over the next 5 weeks. 

We love food, we all know this!  It's right up there with alcohol, which we all know we also love!  A lot of this first class talked about nutrition during the Third Trimester, which I've wanted help with throughout the entire pregnancy so far (life is so much easier when someone tells you, 'eat this now').  I don't want Iris to be born with a tick or a bum leg because I didn't give her enough Vitamin Z, you know.  We are pretty good at eating well-balanced meals most days, but you just never know.

So, in an effort to absolutely hit all of the "necessary" servings of the "necessary" food groups (fyi, ice cream isn't included in the "necessary" food groups, not sure I should be entirely trusting of this system after all), and because I'm a neurotic over-achiever that wants to make my Husband insane, I'm working hard this week to keep my diet in the right place.  Here's what's happening with my lunch bag today:

Yes, the poor little lunch bag is bulging at the seams with tupperware.  Need a bigger carrier.

So, not including breakfast (which obviously happened 3.2 minutes after I was out of bed), which was healthy and included two servings of fruit, a serving of dairy and a serving of carbs, here's what the work-day snacks and lunch look like:

Included in tupperware heaven:
Leftover homemade chicken pot pie
Mixed green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, and avocado (and a tiny bit of spicy peanut dressing!!-mmmmm)
1/2 cup of cottage cheese with cantaloupe
Green apple and raspberries

How, I ask you, am I supposed to find time to do work when there's that much food to eat?!  And, to top it off, even with breakfast, this covers MAYBE 1/2 of what I'm supposed to be eating in a day to get the "necessary" amounts for each food group.  Holy food, Batman! 

Important to notice here, again, there is no ice cream or other overly sugared snack-I think the Third Trimester (which I know I'm not quite in, but still) diet is broken.  Mike is the boss and the boss said I'm allowed ice cream, so maybe I can squeeze that in as another "dairy" for the day!! ;-)  Hope you're all eating having a good Thursday!

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