Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Weekend in North Carolina

Mike, Lloyd and I packed up after work on Friday and headed to Hendersonville to visit Mike's Mom.  It's a 5+ hour drive, but is a very straight line and once you get through traffic, really not a bad drive at all.  We were so excited to see her and catch up on everything going on in her life.  I got up Saturday morning, "dealt" with Lloyd (yes, it's dealing with him when he's THAT all over the place) and spent about an hour in the garden with Peg, seeing what she had growing-she has a banana plant that's actually growing bananas!!!!  Most.exciting.this.ever. in a garden in Hendersonville, seriously!  I had a beautiful banana plant that she gave me in Florida (don't get me started on the movers and our plants....) but it didn't get big enough for bananas, so this was really cool for us to see!!!  Anyway, after the garden tour, we had breakfast and I left the Mahoney's to head to Charlotte for a much-too-short visit with my BFF!

Ivy and I met Daniella for brunch and mani/pedi's on Saturday afternoon, it was the best way girls day ever!  I loved seeing my friends and catching up, I miss them both so much and wish we were closer.  I even talked them in to going to Trader Joe's so that I could buy Mike some wine, having one non-preggo in the group makes it less inappropriate to buy half a case of wine, right?! :-)  After our day out and about, we went back to the Berman's, took their lovely puppies for a walk (I miss my new BFF Emma, Lloyd just doesn't cuddle like he's supposed to!), and went out to Cantina for dinner.  It was a great day!!

And then Sunday was Ivy's baby shower!!  Such a beautiful shower for my very lovely Best Friend and her growing Bumpalina (Ivy & Adam's name for their child without a name still....:-) )!  It was a beautiful party, the food was delicious and the decorations and games were just too cute!  A great way to celebrate Baby Berman's arrival soon!!!

We had a great weekend visitng our family and friends, Lloyd especially enjoyed Grandma's house and the fantastic weather!  And it's always nice to see my Husband on the weekend's even if only for a little while in the car, driving I-40! :-) 

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