Saturday, August 4, 2012

What happened to July?!

In my mind, August is the "end" of the summer somehow, so what the heck happened to the summer?!  July apparently flew by, because it came and went without us really noticing, and now we're in August ( yes, that is how the months works).  Two things: 1) Summer is "ending" and I don't have a tan, 2) blogs are boring without pictures and I've been useless with a camera lately, so sorry about that.

What did we do for the second half of July, you ask?  Well, we had a great trip to Vincennes to see Jack and Sharon's play, Happy Dayz (and to celebrate Mike's birthday-yes, more celebrating!), it was a great show and a huge success overall for the OTP! It was a REALLY quick trip, because we had to take Lloyd and ended up only staying one night (he had been pretty sick for a few days), but well worth the drive for a fun time with family! 
Puppy on the way home from Vincennes-worn out!
After that, well I don't know really.  Mike and I took a drive to Leiper's Fork last weekend to see what that was all about.  It was cute, spanned about 2 city blocks maybe, so we ate some BBQ (what else would you eat at Puckett's in Leiper's Fork), and came back to civilization to run some errands (cue: "we have a nice little Saturday planned...maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, I don't know...I don't know if we'll have enough time..."). 
BBQ was amazing!  FYI, that is Mike's beer that I stole for the picture!
Mike, Taryn and I ventured to a Nashville Sounds game last week.  The company was fantastic and the San Diego Chicken-google him, he's famous-was visiting, so he basically took over as entertainment for the night, and I believe the Sounds won the game (we left early it was still a million degrees at 10p)!  VERY different than the Durham Bulls, who apparently really care about playing baseball at a baseball game, but still a great night! 

   Enjoying the chicken :-)
That's it for July.  I'm sure we did other things, this is the entire purpose of the blog, to ensure we don't forget what happened, but what can I say, I forgot. Here's to being more up to date in August!
Attemped shot at Nashville at night
                                          24 Weeks
Iris is a Michigan fan!

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