Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday is the new Monday

"Sounds like somebody has a case of the Monday's"...No, I have a case of the Tuesdays.  Let me note: that is the worst phrase ever and thank you Office Space for putting it out there.  But Tuesday's seem like the low point in the week, for a person that is still new to this "Monday-Friday" gig.  On Monday's, there's lots of catching up to do, things are busy, the day goes by quickly.  Tuesday, that mess is done and you're on to the week at hand, and the week feels like it's going to stretch on forever (this is bad news, fyi).

Today is no exception.  It took ONE HOUR to drive the 15 miles to work that normally takes 30-35 minutes, 40 on a really Nashville-kind-of-morning.  But an hour?!  Are you serious?!  You know I didn't leave the house with an hour to spare, I can barely manage the 40 minutes that allows me to be in the door and at my desk on time, let alone 20 extra minutes of staring at some stranger's personal license plate that makes no sense.  I tried to stay calm, for Iris' sake, but heavens above, it was pretty Tuesday even for Tuesday.

Then, there's the whole work thing. Two-three meetings plus the regular shenaningans and that's Tuesday.  Really exciting, eh?!  But, at least I have a job that I like, most days :-) 

This Tuesday also marked the beginning of Mike, poor baby, having to be AT work by 6:00am-how un-fun is that?!  And, to top off his Tuesday, I signed us up for child birthing classes that start today.  Props to Mike for being a wonderful Husband and doing it all to keep Lloyd me happy!

So, that's my feeling onTuesday right now. I'm venting writing a blog instead of working.  On the really bright side, they are starting a new downtown farmer's market on our block at lunch time on Tuesday's, so fresh produce to the rescue!  And dinner is already cooking at home, so we'll be ready to go when we get in! :-)

Here's to learning lots of really "interesting" things this evening!  And keeping a straight face through it all, fingers crossed. ;-) Happy Tuesday, people!

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