Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lloyd "Banks" Mahoney

We know, another weird name for a pet.  But really, when you think about it, we couldn't name him something generic like "Midnight" or "Butch" (gag me on both of those names, and sorry if your pet is named either one, no offense), it had to be a human name that you just don't hear a lot.  Of course, now that Mike has taken to calling him Lloyd Banks (after the rapper), I suppose his name isn't as unique as Milton Gomez or George (just George...George Smith when he's in trouble). 

When we went to "see" Lloyd (I put see in quotes because we all know that two suckers like Mike and I aren't going to turn down a cute baby puppy that needs a good home), we were told that he was 8 weeks old, had had his shots, and was in good health.  Well, let's just say that they lied and we aren't very bright when we're distracted by a tiny puppy wanting to be cuddled.  We took Lloyd to the vet and he was about 5 weeks old when we got him, and not in very good shape.  He needed lots of meds and lots of love, but now at almost 7 weeks, he's healthy, a bit too active already, and ready to learn all the things that puppies need to know (how to sit, how to con his parents into giving him treats, how to get out of baths.etc.)!  Things are going well so far and we're already in love!  Well, most of the time...there have been a couple of incidents/accidents with some really bad smells and some really big clean-up, but mostly we are really excited about bringing Lloyd Banks Mahoney in to our home and lives...woohoo Mahoney's!!

Tired Monkey
Dinner time!

He had a minor leg incident leading to the bag carrier you see here, but he's back in good form and will never, ever need the yellow bag again (Mike will never let it happen agian!)!!
 P.S. He's now almost 4lbs and no longer has worms, fleas, ticks or a bacterial infection.  Just an fyi for anyone that had to listen to us tell you about these issues....he's healthy and ready to play, bring your dogs to the beach!!!

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Anonymous said...

I can't get over the cute-ness!!! More pictures of Lloyd, please!!! :) And, i'm very happy to hear that he's feeling better. And, how fun is it that the Bermans and Mahoney's are both families of 5 now! xoxo