Monday, July 25, 2011

Lloyd Update- 9 Weeks!

Three weeks have already gone by since we last took the new Mahoney to the vet, we were excited to see how he was doing!  He has gained 3+ lbs, weighing in at a whopping 7.2lbs today!  We've been calling him a fatty, but really this is great news and he's doing really well!  He had some more shots (from the sounds coming from the room, you'd have thought he was giving birth) and a fecal (also really popular with Lloyd...), and all's better: no more worms! Yuck, I've never been quite as displeased with illness as when I found out about the worms...

Anyway, Lloyd is a happy, healthy child!  He's doing a great job being a puppy, we've already given up on preserving the furniture and keeping all of our shoes in tact!  He's still terrorizing the cats- poor George's tail might never be the same again- but I think they're finally starting to get adjusted too....maybe.  Fingers crossed that we can sleep in till at least 6:00a tomorrow!!
Playing with Peter, the rabbit

Just an update on how much George & Milton like the puppy.... :)
P.S. Today I legally became a Mahoney by name, pretty crazy!  Yes, it took me this long, but we've been busy, so now we're all Mahoney's.  I guess next up is Citizenship so I'm not the only one in the "other" line at the airport anymore...

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