Saturday, December 31, 2011

Delayed Christmas Post!

Mike & I had a wonderful 1st Christmas together with our famililes this year!  Last year, we saw each other on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but we spent most of the holiday apart, because Mike had already moved to Jacksonville and I was still in Raleigh.

We left Jacksonville on Thursday evening and spent a nice, though quick, evening in Savannah.  We had a great dinner and walk around the historic district (with cocktails, of course!), then it was off to bed, so we could get up early to finish our drive to Asheville.  We had a fantastic few days in Asheville, complete with Biltmore tour, family time, and Gingerbread Houses at Grove Park!  Mike bought me an awesome camera for Christmas, so there are going to be LOTS & LOTS of pictures from here on out!!  He even let me open it early so I could take pictues at Biltmore and throughout the whole weekend!  Here are just a few (already posted on FB, so nothing new, but still):
Beautiful Biltmore!

Mummy & I

Cousins drinking 'nogg!


Group shot (minus Mummy & Daddy) on Christmas Eve!

At Grove Park-it was our only picture of the weekend, so I'm posting even though it's blurry!

And over the past month, we have acquired some new Christmas ornaments for our tree, which we LOVE!  We don't have many decorations yet, so new ornaments for the tree are always fantastic, especially when they're personal!

"Mr & Mrs" from Helen, "A" & "M" from Nichola, Lloyd's paw (amazing!) from Nichola, Gingerbread Man made by Jihan for Meghan & Steve's engagement party, Wedding heart from Auntie Tracy, "Milton" from Mummy & Daddy, and the Union Jack tree from Auntie Tracy-love them!

All the way from England-how cute is this?!

Love it! :-)
We are so lucky and grateful that we have such wonderful families and got to celebrate with them in Asheville!  We missed our other family and The Lloyd (he spent Christmas with his girlfriend Maddie-pictures of the cute couple to come!), but it was a very happy holiday all around!!!  A great end to 2011 indeed!

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