Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Donkey Update!

Remember the picture with Lloyd at Mike's leg when he was 6 weeks old (he was way below Mike's tatoo, looking up)??  This is the best I could capture, but he's just a BIT bigger now!
So, you know we're raising a donkey/lab puppy-Lloyd.  Everyone knows, we/I talk about him too much.  But my husband requested a blog about The Lloyd, so I thought an update after his vet visit yesterday seemed appropriate. 
The gigantor almost 7 month-old puppy now weighs 35lbs and is, by all accounts, very healthy!  The vet said he's heart worm free and in great shape so far.  They think Lloyd is only going to be 50-ish pounds as an adult, so not a huge guy.  He also didn't recommend that I start brushing Lloyd's teeth (great news for us!), and then we discussed the only *slight* issue that we're currently having with the donkey....

The smells.  The tear-inducing, run from the room smells that come from Lloyd's bottom.  This guy can clear a room so fast, you just don't know.  Unless he's sitting on you and does it, then you'll know.  Or, if you're his Mother, and you're trying to have a conversation with the vet and he lets one rip and nearly knocks the vet over.  Which, in case you were wondering, could be considered embarassing by some.  Geez, it's bad.  But, we did get a better understanding about why he's so "gassy" and how we can fix it, quickly, to alleviate Lloyd's discomfort (he doesn't EVER look uncomfortable when he's gassing out his parents during dinner), and our unpleansant surroundings...and boy does it surround you! 
Running around like a mad man on the beach!
So, all in all, great news for the puppy!  He and Milton are bonding slowly, sort of.  We like to pretend that they're making progess anyway.  We're ready for another road trip with The Lloyd next weekend as we head to Raleigh for Meghan & Steve's engagement party, he's already got his leash packed in anticipation of visiting his cousins, Lily & Maggie! :)

See-friends!  But not really, more like tolerance wrapped in disdain. :-)
We're just one big happy family, smells and all!! :-)

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