Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

Our First Thansgiving as Mr. & Mrs. was a success!  Lloyd had a piece of turkey, we all ate and drank lots of yumminess, and had a great time spending time together.  "We" being Mike, myself, Nichola, Mary and Mallory, which as you can imagine, was a great combination!  Nichola spent all day Thursday helping me cook (thank you, sister!), Mary & Mal flew in that afternoon and we spent Thursday evening eating, having a little HT (Hot Tub, if you're not in the know) time, and hanging out on the La Nai.  Perfect weather, great company!
Lloyd loved spending time with his Aunties!!
Friday we spend the day in St. Augustine, which was great!  We had lunch at Sangria's (obviously there was Sangria!, stumbled upon "Occupy St. Augustine" and shopped a little, then headed to The Reef for Happy Hour.  The Reef is a cool restaurant on the beach in South Ponte Vedra, definitely a fun spot on deck, when it's not windy! :)
Lunch at Sangria's!
Occupy St. Augustine

At The Reef

Beautiful South Ponte Vedra Beach
Saturday Mike and I worked so the girls enjoyed shopping and pool time (more HT time really) then we all headed downtown to Intuition Brewery and Kickback's Gastropub in Riverside.  We played Apples to Apples at Intuition-Nichola spanked us all!-and tried some really great beers!  It was a great evening out with the sisters (and Mike!)! :)

On Sunday we spent the day relaxing, read more HT time, (Nichola had to drive the 7 hours home :( ), then took The Lloyd for a walk on the beach at Sunset.  It was great weather and the kid had a fantastic time playing with his new toy and his Daddy!  Of course, there were far too many pictures taken of this cuteness!  And then I found a rainbow, told Nana thank you for the lovely evening, and took some more pictures!  It was beautiful!
Goofy kid

Lasso-ing the Donkey!

Walking Daddy!

Riding the surf aka desperately swimming to shore!

Absoultely beautiful rainbow and sunset!
Overall a fantastic weekend with our family and a very wonderful Thanksgiving week/weekend!  Yay for family!  And my lovely Husband!

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Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

and the nana comment made me cry. so glad you had a successful thanksgiving. we all know you are an amazing cook! xo