Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Our wedding day was the best day of my life to date.  We were so happy and so in love (we're still there, don't panic!), and I told Mike over and over, "I'm such a lucky girl!", to which he would reply, "No, I'm the lucky girl!" haha.  We're special.  But I truly feel that lucky, everday.

While dating (I was actually driving to Charleston to celebrate Ivy's Bachelorette weekend), I heard Jason Mraz's song, "Lucky" and was brough to tears.  Sad, I realize, that Jason Mraz can have this affect on anyone, but the song totally embodied how I felt about Mike (this was about a month before we got engaged, fyi).  So I pushed and pushed, and it was allowed to be our first dance song! :)  I even wrote the lyrics in our engagement photo book/guest book so that Mike couldn't go back on agreeing to this song (he was hoping for Ginuwine or Keith Sweat ;) ), yup, I was that serious about it.

So this morning, driving to work with my make-up just done and a fun day of Christmas parties ahead, "Lucky" came on one of my Pandora stations. What happenend next?  I'm crying in to my coffee because I'm still, 206 days of marriage and two years of knowing him later, still overwhelmed with how much I love my husband.  I know this isn't very long in the grand scheme of things (no really, I do, we have 50 more years to go at least!), but I thought that I would have calmed down by now.  Especially at Christmas, I feel so lucky to have found my best friend! That's all.

This might have been the moment when I knew he was the one for me! ;)
April, 2010 at the Durham Bulls!
I'm gross with my sentimental waffle, I know, but even I have feelings to share sometimes (Mike might argue that I have too many feelings but he's the only one special enough to experience all of that greatness! ;) ).  Now, back to sarcasm and cynicism. :)

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