Monday, December 19, 2011

The Lovebirds!

No, for once I'm not over-indulging in Mike gushiness!  This past weekend we traveled to Raleigh for Meghan & Steve's engagement party!  We are so excited to see them embark on their next chapter together and were really glad we could trek up I-95 with the pup to celebrate!

We did the normal run-around Raleigh with lots of errands on Saturday morning, prepped food and ourselves for the party, and set-up for a fun night with friends.  We ran downtown first, to meet Suzie & Joe for a drink and were so glad to see them both doing wonderfully (as always!)!  I miss my Smith sister a lot (other than my real sister, who I also miss lots!), so it was awesome to catch up, even if just for a little while. 

Then it was party time!  We got everything set-up, picked up the couple of the hour and enjoyed a fantastic evening at Suelee & David's house!  It was a really great night, complete with food, drink and the best quote of the night from any Brother-in-law ever, "Congratulations you two!  And Meghan....thanks for settling!" (obviously he didnt' mean it ;-) ).  Priceless!  It's going to be an amazing wedding, we can already tell!! :)

Pretty girls! <3

The beautiful Bride-to-be!

"Steve, give me an 'excited to be getting married' pose".  She's going to put a ring on it.
You know how much I love love, but it's even better when it's between two people that we love so much!  But that's enough sentiment for one day, here's the cute couple and the beautiful picture tree that the girls made!
Almost famous cake...coming soon to the Food Network in April!

Cute cute cute!
 A very quick but very lovely weekend in Raleigh indeed!  And speaking of quick, Lloyd had such a fun weekend playing outside with his cousin's Lily & Maggie that he was snoring in the backseat before we'd even left Cary:
I wish there were audio.
Cute little donkey!!  He's the best car dog ever, he literally does this for 7 hours, minus a couple of head lifts to check that we're behaving in the front of the car.  A Thank you also has to go to my lovely husband who drove us the 1,000 miles there and back, it's no small feat, especially when he had to miss watching the first half of the Lions game (we made it in time for the second half and was a great game!)!! 

Ready for our next trip to Asheville for Christmas this weekend!!

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